David Gray

Engineer. Scientist. Leader.


I am a computer science graduate from Missouri State University now working at Boeing as a real-time software engineer on cruise missile systems. I have a strong passion for machine learning, autonomous vehicles, and technology in medicine. I see myself as a leader capable and willing to shoulder the burdens of a growing business involved in producing inovative technology. Specifically, I would like to use my engineering skills to lead research, development, and production of cutting-edge software solutions with a team dedicated to creative problem solving.

Work Experience

Real Time Software Engineer

Boeing | June 2021 - Present

My time at Boeing has been split between a wide variety of projects. The one consistency is the real-time embedded software at the core. The work I produce ranges from the lowest level fundamentals residing just above firmware to the high level logic that makes a missile autonomous, and everything in the middle.

  • Develop official flight software for bare metal and VxWorks mission computers
  • Lead and own reverse engineering effort for cross program missile interfacing software
  • Act as the SME for software/hardware integration and testing for a group of 20+ people
  • Maintain a simulation environment comparable to a real-time system

Web Developer

Computational Learning Systems Lab | August 2020 - May 2021

As the web developer for the Computational Learning Systems Lab my job is to update the university webpages using the webpress software.

  • Update the Computational Learning Systems Lab website with current information
  • Validate local linking to important research papers and projects
  • Maintain consistent format throughout the website during seasonal changes

Computer Lab Assistant

Missouri State University | September 2019 - May 2021

As a computer lab assistant at Missouri State University I help students and faculty on campus with any computer related issues. This normally consists of downloading and installing software, guiding software use, or troubleshooting connection issues. This experience has exposed me to a variety of softwares and computer issues giving me a well rounded understanding of personal computers, networks, applications, and general technology usage.

  • Resolve university network issues on personal and university computers and lab equipment
  • Communicate information to peers, work as a team to solve problems, and create documentation for issues

Quality Assurance Analyst

O'Reilly Autoparts | June 2020 - August 2020

During my time at O’Reilly Autoparts I was tasked with daily challenges involving testing software and optimizing test workflow. Testing involved detailed documentation on Jira and Confluence. Optimizating the testing workflow consisted of writing SQL queries based on prexisting queries from an old database.

  • Optimized SQL queries for quick, accurate results
  • Reviewed, tested, and approved test cases on production level software
  • Wrote detailed documents on bugs found when testing

Research Assistant

Computational Learning Systems Lab | July 2020

My main responsibilities in the lab included writing python programs for preprocessing high volumes of data to fit the algorithms under study, running the data through the algorithms, and recording results in a readable format using libraries like matplotlib, pandas, and scikitlearn. I presented my results to the professor and graduate students I worked under at the end of the month.

  • Increased efficiency in a high paced work environment by developing data pipelines
  • Assisted a published work on the effects of the TSNE algorithm on Traumatic Brain Injury data
  • Ran algorithms on large datasets and analyzed the results


Sign Language Interpretation System


In this project myself and four other seniors in the Computer Science program at MSU created a system that allows a user to control any smart technology (like a lightbulb) with American Sign Language by signing in front of a camera. Our system contains 3 modules, hand/landmark tracking, gesture classification, and grammer correction, and utilizes a client-server connection to prove that this software can be implemented and accessed by any smart device with a camera. The biggest task I dealt with was building, training, and testing the gesture classifier. For this task I built a convolutional neural network that classifies 14 hand gestures with 98.8% accuracy. For the source code, live demonstrations, papers, and more check out my github (link below).

Handwriting Digit Recognizer Using KNN Algorithm with Weighted Voting and K-value Optimizer


I built software that uses the KNN algorithm to predict a handwirtten digit [0-9] from a grid of 784 pixels where each Each pixel contains an integer value between 0 and 255, inclusive and is arranged in a twenty-eight by twenty-eight array forming an image of the drawn digit. I went further and built a function that optimizes the k-value and reduces the number of times the KNN algorithm calculates distances for each unclassified object to one instance. Download my research report to read more.

ID3 Mushroom Classification: Edible vs. Poisonous


In this project a colleague and I created an ID3 algorithm that takes in mushroom attributes and outputs whether the mushroom is edible or poisonous. Download my research report to read more.

Reinforcement Learning Applied to Tetris


This was a fun project I did in school with the help from another classmate. Download the code here or see more on my github.

Healthcare Length of Stay Estimator


This project was for my data mining class. Download the code here or see more on my github.

Degrees to Degrees Minutes Decimal Degrees Converter


I made this website that does 1 thing, converts degrees to degrees minutes decimal degrees and vice versa. I bet you’ve never done this conversion before but pilots do it all the time. It’s simple all you do is take the numbers to the right of the decimal place and multiply by 60, which is easy enough to do with a calculator. When I ran into this problem that’s what most people did but the first thing all the 20ish year olds did was search for an online resource. So here it is.

This Website


I created this website using html and host it using github.